We're the number one supplier of high quality, heavy duty temporary plastic ground protection solutions.

Our heavy duty mats are used across various industries worldwide to create temporary haul roads, access roads, car parks, site compounds, walkways and more.

If you choose to work with us, you'll receive: 

  • Site visits to understand your requirements
  • Expert consultation from the best in the industry
  • Options for purchase, hire and buy back
  • A dedicated account manager for support
  • Fast delivery, install and de-rig
  • Quality after-sales support


Heavy Duty Trackway.

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Product Features:

  • World’s First - The most advanced and versatile heavy-duty matting system in the world!
  • Extreme Heavy Duty - Ultra tough HDPE plastic outer layer with a hard foam inner core for strength and buoyancy.
  • Big - Large 4x2m mats are ideal for big projects and long access roads.
  • Bouyant - Make access roads across boggy ground, through swamps, or even floating on water!
  • Versatile - Xtreme Mats can be joined in any direction for maximum versatility of site layouts.
protective ground mats

Our Top 3 Heavy Duty Mats

Product Features:

  • Rapid Installation - Lay approximately 60 mats per hour with a team of 4 plus a forklift driver.
  • Easy To Handle - Lightweight 40kg mats easily handleable with 2 workers.
  • Tough - Unique Zetralene™ plastic for maximum impact resistance.
  • Extra Strong Grip - Unique SmartGripTM tread gives superior grip in all directions.
  • Versatile - Install singly by hand, or crane four joined mats at once.
  •  Mud Suppression - Flanged joints suppress mud seepage and enable heat expansion.
protective ground mats

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Product Features:

  • Rapid Installation - Lay approximately 50 mats per hours with a team of 4 plus a forklift driver.
  • Easy To Handle - Virtually indestructible HDPE polymer supports all vehicle types.
  • Tough - Lightweight 39kg mats easily handleable with two workers.
  • Extra Strong Grip - Roadway, Walkway and Smooth tread options cater for various vehicular and pedestrian needs.
  • Versatile - Made from 100% recycled plastic and fully recyclable.

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protective ground mats